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Decaying World, by Yara Zalzal

Other worldly beings,

Souls of ancestors,

I call upon you,

To guide the way,

For me and my brothers

In this life of sorrows, woes and blessings,

All at once,

All those feelings at once,


Contradictory, yet complementary,

Take our hand, lanterns to guide,

Show us the way, the way to fly,

Take us to salvation,

To the dream nation,

Through aviation,

To faraway lands,

Virgin grounds, unscathed soil,

Pure un-breathed air,

Lungs to fill,

Ancestors, you lead the way,

Is bereavement the only option,

To escape this world one day?

Seeking the truth, always.

To stay or to leave?

I ask you again,

Is demise the only option,

To escape this cruel world?

Wars, killings and bloodshed,

Are all we ken

In this world today.


Is that light I see at the end of the tunnel?